The Extras

This is the closest we could come to cookies and high-fives, virtually.

This page has some little optional extras you can access or download to make your Retreat just a little more special. If you listen closely, you can hear us cheering you on.

Writer’s Retreat Playlists

Need a soundtrack to make this Retreat complete? We’ve got you covered. Follow the links to our Spotify playlists. If you’re not already a Spotify user, you can create an account for free.

Music to help you stay focused

An energizing mood boost for break time

Music to reward yourself after a hard day’s work

Do Not Disturb door hanger
Say “no” to kids and roomies

Print, paste, trim, and display our Writer’s Retreat door hanger to declare your distraction-free zone.

Brain Food

In order to write brilliantly, you’ve got to feed that mind!  Plan your Retreat meals ahead and stay fueled for greatness.

Writer's Retreat appointment card
Make an appointment for success

Tell the world (and yourself) that you’ve made a commitment to your Writer’s Retreat. Print out your DIY Writer’s Retreat appointment card. Fill it in and post it where you and your peeps will be sure to see it. 

Decorate Your Space

Here are our writing-themed versions of the classic “Hang in There” poster. Print out a little inspiration and decorate your writing space!