Start Writing!

Start Writing!
Now that you’ve planned out your goals and shared them with your fellow writers, we come to the tough part – the writing itself!​​​​​​​

We wish we could do this part for you, but since we can’t, we’ve collected some optional resources to make the task easier. Check out the Kickstart the Writing Process presentation for some help getting started; visit our Writing Resources when you get stuck on the details, like citations and formatting; listen to one of our Spotify playlists if you need a little background music; and use the Brain Breaks section when it’s time for a brief pause.

You can do this! Go write!

Sooner or later, every writer gets stuck.

Whether just getting started is stopping you, or you’ve suddenly hit a roadblock midway through, the experts at Mason’s Writing Center have techniques to get you over the bumps on your journey to successful – and finished – writing!

Watch this short video for help.

Need some more writing help?
Like to write with mood music?
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Don’t forget to take those breaks!
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Way to tackle those writing tasks! We are so proud of you!