Declare Your Goals

Declare Your Goals
We know how important community and accountability are to a successful Writer’s Retreat. ​​​​​​​

There are few things more motivating than witnessing others working hard or slapping your goals on a Post-it note for all to see. This DIY Retreat is no different. We may not be writing in the same room this semester, but we are all still writing. Every student that registered for this Retreat has joined a community of people who have committed to a full day of writing, and we, the CEHD Student Success Team, have vowed to hold them accountable and cheer for them along the way. We’ve created a GroupMe Chat to make this a little easier. Join the chat using the button below, or send an email to Brianna Alford at and request to be added.  

Share your Goals in the GroupMe Chat

 Each writer is asked to: 

  1. Share a list of your goals in the GroupMe Chat on the day that you are hosting your Writer’s Retreat. 
  1. Send a follow-up message when you’ve finished your Retreat and/or your goals to let others know what you’ve accomplished.  
  1. Reply to other participants’ messages to inspire fellow writers to finish what they’ve set out to do or congratulate them on a job well done. 
Let’s hear it for group accountability and support!