DIY Writer’s Retreat Home

DIY Writer's Retreat


We recognize the challenges that come with a DIY Writer’s Retreat, especially if you’re hosting it at home where distractions abound.

Here are eight expectations that we’ve set to help you overcome those distractions and successfully meet your goals. You may be tempted to ignore one or two but we strongly urge you not to. Remember: If you were at an in-person retreat, you wouldn’t have the option to engage in household distractions. Don’t make it an option at your DIY Retreat, either. Focused, productive writing today means more leisure time later!


Commit to a full day of writing 

Traditionally, this means 8:30 am – 5:00 pm, but you can shift the time based on your schedule. You’ve put in a lot of effort to set this day aside for writing; you are doing yourself a disservice if you do not take advantage of this time. 

Prepare your meals in advance 

Staying nourished is vital to your productivity, but breaking every few hours to cook a meal is not a good use of the time you’ve set aside for this Retreat. Plan your meals in advance to avoid using food preparation as an excuse to procrastinate on writing. Check out our recommended recipes for some inspiration! 

Put a plan in place for “life” 

Ask your squad to support you by taking on the responsibility of daily duties. Put your partner in charge of getting the kids out of the house for the day, ignore the doorbell (yes, even if you’re waiting on an Amazon package!), and hire a teen in your neighborhood to walk your dog a few times. Hang this appointment card on your fridge to remind your family, your roommates, and yourself where you’ll be for the day.

Say NO to chores 

Washing dishes never looks quite as appealing as it does when you’re trying to avoid writing. Don’t give in to productive procrastination; your only job for the day is to write. If chores are in sight (like that mountain of laundry over there), remove them from your space or relocate.  

Get cozy 

Design a writing nook that works for you. Clear the clutter, add a diffuser and some inspirational art, and make sure you have plenty of space for spreading out. We’ll get you started with this printable Writer’s Retreat door hanger and motivational posters.

Minimize screen distractions 

Remove, mute, or hide any screens in your space. If you’re working on your computer, consider trying out Freedom’s 7-day free trial to block distracting websites and apps. 

Say goodbye to your family or roommates until the end of your Retreat 

Stay in your writing bubble! We understand the temptation to use your lunch break to eat with friends or family, but disengaging from your “writing brain,” even briefly, will make it very difficult to get back in the groove when you return. 

Fully participate in this Virtual Kit

Read it carefully, engage in the activities, and print the materials to complete them when necessary.