2024 CEHD Student Research Symposium Recap

CEHD Student Research Symposium 2024

Over 35 students shared their research at the 2024 College of Education and Human Development Student Research Symposium held on April 25 at Dewberry Hall in the Johnson Center. The symposium included three Oral Presentations and 35 Poster Presentations reflecting scholarship at all levels, from undergraduate through doctoral study, and disciplines within the School of Education, the School of Kinesiology, and the School of Sport, Recreation, and Tourism Management.

The entirety of the Student Research Symposium (SRS) was intended to introduce students to the process of conducting, submitting, and presenting their research at a professional conference. On behalf on the college, we thank each member of our community who spent their evening learning about and supporting our students’ research!

Faculty support for the 2024 SRS played a pivotal role in its success. By mentoring students through the process, and with some faculty even integrating the submission process into their courses, students reaped the benefits of their professors’ experience as research professionals. Select faculty also volunteered to judge the poster presentations to aid in the professional development of our researchers, and to select award winners.

Thank you to the following faculty who volunteered their time to serve as our 2024 CEHD Student Research Symposium Faculty Judges:

Jatin Ambegaonkar

Dominique Banville

Sheri Berkeley

Jered Borup

Craig Esherick

Margaret Jones

Anastasia Kitsantas

Shawn Lee

Joel Martin

Risto Marttinen

Jacqueline McDowell

Sammie Powers

Tiphanie Raffegeau

Pierre Rodgers

Joan Shin

Debbie Sprague

Debra Stroiney

Continue reading for more information on our poster presentation award winners, and to view photos from the evening and the event program featuring a comprehensive list of student participants.

Award Winners

Outstanding Poster Presentations have been awarded in three categories: Outstanding Doctoral Poster Presentation, Outstanding Master’s Poster Presentation, and Outstanding Bachelor’s Poster Presentation. The award winners were chosen based on scores they received by faculty judges, who examined all poster presentations using the following criteria:

    • Adherence to presentation format requirements 
    • Command of information or depth of knowledge on the topic 
    • Strength and quality of research elements (e.g. problem, methods, conclusion, impact, etc.) 
    • Presentation organization and flow 
    • Professional delivery of presentation (e.g. verbal articulation, pace, inflection, etc.) 
    • Aesthetics of presentation 
    • Overall presentation  

View the 2024 award winners below!

Outstanding Doctoral Poster Presentation

headshot of Kelley Wiese

Kelley Wiese

PhD Education, Kinesiology Concentration

Out of 25 doctoral poster presenters, our faculty judges selected Kelley Wiese as the recipient of the Outstanding Doctoral Poster Presentation. Wiese’s presentation, “Objective and Subjective Sleep in Collegiate Dancers,” was founded in research supported by Jatin Ambegaonkar, Shane Caswell, Jena Hansen-Honeycutt, and Joel Martin.

Outstanding Master’s Poster Presentation

Joseph Hahn

MS Kinesiology

Out of 13 master’s degree poster presenters, our faculty judges selected Joseph Hahn as the recipient of the Outstanding Master’s Poster Presentation. Hahn’s presentation, “Association Between Smart Ring Measured Sleep Variables and In-Game Basketball Performance,” was founded in research supported by Margaret Jones.

Outstanding Bachelor’s Poster Presentation

headshot of Kayleigh Newman

Kayleigh Newman

BS Kinesiology

Our faculty judges selected Kayleigh Newman as the recipient of the Outstanding Bachelor’s Poster Presentation. Newman’s presentation, “Maximal Exercise and Postural Stability: A Comparative Analysis of Fatigue Across Different Modes of Exercise,” was founded in research supported by Joel Martin.

Learn More About #CEHDSRS2024

View the 2024 CEHD Student Research Symposium Program for the full list of student oral and poster presenters, research titles, and faculty collaborators!

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Would you like to be involved in the next Student Research Symposium? The CEHD Office of Student and Academic Affairs sends out a call for submissions in the fall and early spring of each academic year through the CEHD student newsletter. Interested students may submit an abstract and choose a format for their presentations, which will then be reviewed by a committee to determine eligibility. We look forward to seeing you at #CEHDSRS2025!