Spring 2023 CEHD Mason Core Courses

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Are you looking for a Mason Core course to add to your Spring 2023 schedule? The College of Education and Human Development has a couple of open courses that will satisfy Mason Core requirements! View the flyers below to learn more.

EDRS 220: Intro to Applied Quantitative Reasoning satisfies the Mason Core requirement for Quantitative Reasoning.  It is offered in person at three different times for Spring 2023 and uses examples from the social sciences (e.g., education, kinesiology, sport).  

EDEP 350: Perspectives on Achievement Motivation is a Mason Core course for Social and Behavioral Sciences.  It is a great course for learning about motivation that students can apply to themselves or in their work with others in any context.  EDEP 350 also fulfills a requirement for the Educational Psychology Minor and is offered Tuesday/Thursday at 10:30am in person on the Fairfax campus.