New Spring 2023 Course Offerings

Are you looking for one or two more credits for this upcoming semester? Learn more about the following Spring 2023 courses below to see if one of them could be right for you!

  • Adult Learner Transition (BIS 301)
  • College to Career for International Students (UNIV 420-DL6)
  • Building Resilience in Spring 2023 (UNIV 170/370)
  • Mental Health First Aid (UNIV 372)

Adult Learner Transition (BIS 301) is a 3-credit course for all 1st semester adult students at Mason. Designed to directly address the issues that lead to contemporary students stopping or dropping out, the course is student-centered and can positively effect retention and graduation rates for this population. BIS 301 is in its 9th semester, with over 200 students successfully completing the class. Catalog Link to BIS 301

Online and asynchronous, it is a perfect fit for adult transfer students who are parents, military veterans, working part or full-time. (One section is in an 8-week format and starts February 13th ending April 9th. ) No pre-requisites, a scaffolded approach that allows students to acclimate and “gear-up” for the demands of upper-level coursework at Mason. 

BIS 301: Adult Learner Transition Flyer
UNIV 420-DL6: College to Career for International Students Flyer

College to Career for International Students (UNIV 420-DL6) is a new course offering this spring that aids students in developing job search strategies for seeking work in the United States and conducting a multinational job search. This online, zero or one-credit option makes it even easier to build career development into your schedule!

Building Resilience in Spring 2023 (UNIV 170/370) is being held for the second time this spring for students who want to explore resilience and earn a digital credential in resilience. Space remains available at both levels, and the course meets synchronously online for the first half of the semester. Visit for more information.

UNIV 170/370: Building Resilience in Spring 2023 Flyer
UNIV 372: Mental Health First Aid Flyer

Mental Health First Aid (UNIV 372) is always a popular class. The online section is fully enrolled, but there are a few seats left in the face-to-face section on the Fairfax Campus for the first half of the semester.