Outstanding Student Awards 2023 – School of Education

Each year, faculty in the College of Education and Human Development (CEHD) come together to select an outstanding student in their program to receive the honor of being named as their program award winner. Students selected for this award embody the very best of their program: they excel in their studies; they demonstrate leadership in classes and internships; and they have a genuine and tenacious passion for their discipline.  

Read below to view the complete list of 2023 Outstanding Student Award recipients in the School of Education.

Doctor of Philosophy in Education Award 

Outstanding Dissertation Award 

Headshot of Lauren Biscardi

Lauren Biscardi

Masters and Bachelors Awards

Advanced Studies in Teaching and Learning 

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Kirsten Ellen Youngquist


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Ashleigh Tanis

Physical Education

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Darlene J. Mojado-Ligan



Headshot of Mariam Ahmed Abdelwahab

Mariam Ahmed Abdelwahab

Clinical Mental Health Counseling 

Teresa Elizabeth Mercedes Padgett

Teresa Elizabeth Mercedes Padgett

School Counseling

Early Childhood Education for Diverse Learners

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Heather Lynn Patterson


Headshot of Gabriela Briseno-Delbosque

Gabriela Briseno-Delbosque


Headshot of Ausra Kauffman

Ausra Kauffman


Early Childhood Special Education

Headshot of Neryl Meg Tagle Marquez-Ascher 

Neryl Meg Tagle Marquez-Ascher 

Education Leadership 

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Kate Adams

 Educational Psychology 

Headshot of Haley McKeen

Haley McKeen

Assessment, Evaluation, and Testing

Headshot of Carrie E. May

Carrie E. May

Learning, Cognition, and Motivation

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Hope Elizabeth Bennett

Learning, Cognition, and Motivation

Headshot of Sarah Marie Conley

Sarah Marie Conley

Learning and Decision-Making in Leadership

Elementary Education 

Headshot of Sara Alyssa Switzer

Sara Alyssa Switzer


Headshot of Anna Rose Welch

Anna Rose Welch


John R. Linn Memorial Award for Outstanding Student Athlete 

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Jack Bolz

Learning Technologies 

Headshot of Benjamn James Hardin

Benjamn James Hardin

Learning Design and Technology

Headshot of Heather Shank-Givens

Heather Shank-Givens

Learning Design and Technology


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Megan Cejka Pavelich 

Mathematics Education Leadership 

Headshot of Amanda Lee Guzman

Amanda Lee Guzman

K–8 Math Specialist Program

Secondary Education 

Headshot of Yong-joon Park

Yong-joon Park

Computer Science

Headshot of Michaela Leann Fox

Michaela Leann Fox


Headshot of Yoosun Han

Yoosun Han


Headshot of ErinGrace Drake

ErinGrace Drake


Headshot of Kyle I. Nathanson

Kyle I. Nathanson

Social Studies

Special Education 

Headshot of Erika Lynn Hanback

Erika Lynn Hanback

Undergraduate—Adapted Curriculum, K–12

Headshot of Emily J. Bankson

Emily J. Bankson

Graduate—Adapted  Curriculum Licensure, K–12

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Arielle Damasco Morton

Applied Behavior Analysis

Headshot of Sidney Elcan Birchfield

Sidney Elcan Birchfield

Assistive Technology

Headshot of Alicia Brown

Alicia Brown

Autism Spectrum Disorders Certificate

Headshot of Hannah Tori Geller

Hannah Tori Geller

Graduate Blindness and Visual Impairments Licensure, K-12

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Madison Thomas

Undergraduate —General Curriculum, K–12

Headshot of Bryce Andrew Benson

Bryce Andrew Benson

Graduate—General Curriculum Licensure, K–12

Headshot of Brooke Lee Johansen

Brooke Lee Johansen


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Diana Carolina Romero Guerrero


Teaching Culturally and Linguistically Diverse and Exceptional Learners 

Nicole Catherine Anderson (English as a Second Language) 

Minhei Kang (Foreign Language) 

Krystle Elise Perez (International Elementary) 

Nicole Catherine Anderson

English as a Second Language

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Minhei Kang

Foreign Language

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Krystle Elise Perez

International Elementary

Tony DeGregorio Memorial Award for the Outstanding Student in Health and Physical Education   

Headshot of Dana Jeanjaquet Briosos

Dana Jeanjaquet Briosos

Transformative Teaching 

The Program Award is given in honor of the Transformative Teaching (TT) graduating class of 2023, a learning community made up of critically reflective practitioners whose extensive knowledge, diverse experiences, multiple perspectives and enduring commitments to teaching and learning provide fertile ground for the personal and professional growth of all members of the community. The TT Class of 2023 has weathered unprecedented storms and managed to successfully complete the master’s degree program, in many cases with exceptional effort.