Graduate Teaching Professional Development

Are you a graduate student in a teaching role? This semester, there are two professional development opportunities to enhance your skills as a Graduate Teaching Assistant (GTA), Graduate Lecturer (GL), or postdoc scholar. Read below to find out more about the Graduate Teaching Academy starting on Friday, 9/8, and the Graduate Teaching Training in MasonLeaps! 

Graduate Teaching Academy 

The Graduate Teaching Academy encourages participants to connect their scholarly activities with career and professional training centered on skill development. With face-to-face meetings and online modules, students will have opportunities to work with peers from different disciplines, building a community of support and development as they gain practical skills. Participants will work to create challenging and stimulating learning environments, while attending growth-based trainings providing personal enhancement.  

Through a series of monthly face-to-face meetings, students will learn about communication styles in the classroom, assignment design, consideration for classroom activities in online classroom environments and climate, and have access to online modules on grading, assessments, and providing student feedback, and much more. Sessions start on Friday, 9/8, so register now!  

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Graduate Teaching Training 

The new Graduate Teaching Training has launched in MasonLeaps! This online training module serves to introduce appropriate and relevant instructional support and resources, including pragmatic considerations and tools for graduate teaching assistants, graduate lecturers, and postdocs across Mason’s campuses.  

Success as a Graduate Teaching Assistant (GTA), Graduate Lecturer (GL), or postdoc scholar depends on creating a welcoming, well-resourced learning environment. The Graduate Teaching Training, fitting within a bigger picture of graduate preparation at Mason, serves to elevate the overall student experience in the classroom. Register in MasonLeaps!  

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