Three CEHD Students Awarded Fellowships

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Three students in the College of Education and Human Development were awarded fellowships for the 2022-2023 academic year.

Read this news story for more, and learn more about each student below.

Ninamarie Avedissian

Ninamarie Avedissian, pursuing an MEd in Curriculum and Instruction with a concentration in English to Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL), was awarded the Critical Language Scholarship.

Headshot of Ninamarie Avedissian

“As an avid language learner, I want to utilize the methods that have helped me learn languages, such as translating songs, in my future ESOL classroom and help students see the beauty in learning another language.

Through participating in CLS Spark, I hope to expand my cultural awareness and gain inspiration for culturally inclusive activities I can implement in the classroom. I hope to better understand the challenges Arabic-speaking students may face when learning English and create meaningful connections with students and families of Arabic backgrounds.”

Ninamarie Avedissian

Trinidee Baker

Trinidee Baker, graduating this spring with an MEd in Education Leadership, was awarded the Presidential Management Fellowship.

Headshot of Trinidee Baker

“I chose the Education Leadership program because I wanted to advance my career within the educational realm. I also hold a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration, which helped me develop leadership and relationship-building skills.

I have taught English as a Second Language for the past 10 years and I have held various leadership positions during my teaching journey. I have a desire to positively affect the lives of people and I am dedicated to being a lifelong learner. As a recipient of the Presidential Management Fellowship, I hope to continue to use my teaching skills to help others and continue to fight for equitable and fair treatment for all.”

Trinidee Baker

Melissa DeLury

Melissa DeLury, pursuing a PhD in Education with specializations International Education and Research Methodology, was awarded the Cosmos Scholars Grant.

Headshot of Melissa DeLury

“I chose International Education and Research Methodology as my primary and secondary specializations. My career before Mason was rooted in international education: working in higher education settings, conducting research as a graduate student at Trinity College Dublin (2013-2015) and Fulbright Scholar in India (2017-2018), and currently working as an Education Technical Manager in international development. I wanted to explore the role of history education in facilitating peace and/or conflict in postcolonial settings via listening to the experiences of teachers and students.

My Cosmos Grant will allow me to work with Queens University Belfast by visiting different schools in Belfast to understand both the role of history education in current contexts, and the meanings that teachers and students make to narrations of past conflict. I hope to continue working internationally to explore how history education can facilitate peace through using more participatory methods.”

Melissa DeLury