Summer 2023 CEHD Study Abroad Opportunities

Are you interested in experiencing different cultures while completing your degree requirements? Consider studying abroad! Faculty from the College of Education and Human Development are leading engaging study abroad opportunities for Summer 2023. Keep reading for information about two of our upcoming trips to Finland and to Germany and France. Be sure to apply by the deadline of March 10, 2023!

Finland – Finnish Education System, Physical Activity, and Sport Culture: Mason-led, Summer 2023

Watch this video by Dr. Risto Marttinen & Dr. Daniel Ferguson to learn more!

Program Overview

Students will travel first from the U.S.A. to Helsinki. There, Mason students board a train to Jyväskylä which is home to the top research university in Finland for sports, physical activity, and physical education. The University of Jyväskylä has offered summer school courses for undergraduate students from around the world for several years. Each summer there are 5 intensive one-week sessions of courses. The specific courses, focusing on human sciences and education are of most interest to students in Kinesiology, the School of Education, and specifically teacher candidates.

Mason students will first take their first course titled “Education in Finland” which highlights one of the best education programs in the world. The second course is “Physical Activity, Sport, Health and Health Promotion: International Perspectives” and takes a global perspective to sports culture. After classes, the university organizes trips with other international students to the lake to enjoy a relaxing sauna, quiz nights with students, as well as excursions to local sporting events. The trip also includes a visit to Helsinki, the 2nd northernmost capital city in the world.

Program Highlights

  • Learn about one of the best education systems in the world focused on equity
  • Explore sporting culture and health through a global lens
  • Interact with students from around the world while learning in a top-rated research university

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Germany and France – European Model of Sport: Mason-led, Summer 2023

Program Overview

The European Model of Sport is a study abroad program that takes students on a seminar through Europe, giving them a unique firsthand experience in international sports. The course is designed to introduce students to the European model of sport management, marketing, and sport law; and to provide students with an understanding of the changing context for sport in a global society. Participants will attend lectures from European sport executives, conduct student workshops, participate in organized class discussions as well as activities, and tour sport facilities. The seminar covers two countries: Italy and Greece.  You will be traveling with group from Guilford College (NC) and Troy University (AL), of similar size and academic interest.

Representatives of top international sport organizations will present a wide range of issues during the program. Topics will include the structure and characteristics of European sports, marketing and management in European sports, sports law, professional soccer, handball, etc.

Program Highlights

  • Ten-day tour of 2 European countries
  • Partnered with Troy University
  • Cultural interpretations and their impact on European sport management principles

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