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The Marcia D. Smith School, operated by Community Support Services, Inc., is seeking a Special Education teacher to work in a community based, non-public school with adolescents disabled by autism. Each student has a highly individualized plan with intensive support.

Focus of curriculum is on functional work and life skills in community environments with an emphasis on transition to adult services.

Required: Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Special Education, Must meet state certification requirements: A conditional Maryland Teacher’s Certificate, or a current Maryland Teacher certification in special education 1-8 or 6-adult, based on the teacher’s assignment. (If a teacher holds a conditional Maryland Teacher Certification, the teacher must complete MSDE requirements for professional special education certificate.)

The teacher is responsible for:

  • the development of IEPs
  • training and supervision of instructional assistants
  • development of lesson plans and structured daily schedules
  • monitoring of the implementation of behavioral plans
  • coordination of related services
  • communication with families
  • monitoring of community work and recreational sites
  • management of a classroom or residential home setting

The school provides residential and day special education, twelve months per year. The day school program follows the MCPS school calendar. The residential program provides education 24 hours per day. CSS provides adult and children’s services in addition to the school, and resources and expertise is shared and coordinated between services.

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