Procrastination, Motivation, and Avoiding Distractions

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  • Try the 5-steps below in your first week of remote learning to avoid procrastination, distractions, and to stay motivated! 

    Mid-semester is always a great time to check in on the goals we had set for ourselves in January when we were motivated, fresh, and ready to take on a new semester.  In the recent weeks our lives have been turned upside down and it can be difficult to feel motivated and driven in a brand-new environment at home.  Try the 5-steps below in your first week of remote learning to avoid procrastination, distractions, and to stay motivated! 

    • Have a dedicated work space– Don’t have a desk at home? Try the kitchen table!  Be sure you have a well-lit set up and a comfortable chair. 
      • Separate your academic hours from your resting hours as much as possible. Your bed is not a work space!
    • Create a distraction free environment-Turn your TV off and your brain on! Be sure to leave your phone in another room or at least on silent and face down.  If you need a little noise in the room try classical music or any music without words! 
      • Home with your family, children, or roommates? Break out the headphones!
    • 20 minutes on, 5 minutes off– It’s a marathon, not a sprint! Our brains can only handle so much at a time, and we may have other responsibilities surrounding us.  Try using a timer to work for 20 minutes and then break for 5 minutes.    
      • Children at home with you? Let the timer become a part of a game!  Try a 5-minute family dance party for a break. 
    • Dress for success– What are you going to wear to the living room today? Be sure you are getting up, getting ready, and heading to your work space.  Last nights pajamas will leave you feeling tired and unmotivated. 
    • Find your procrastination stations– Where do you go (physically or virtually) when you find yourself drifting? Usually, I find myself at the refrigerator!  This is when I know I need more than a 5-minute break. Try to take a walk, head into a different room, or just stand and stretch for a bit. 

    Ask for help!  If you feel you are struggling with finding the best environment for you reach out to your support systems like the College’s Student Academic Success Coordinator, Stormi Woltz!

    Yours from afar,

    Stormi Woltz

    Stormi Woltz

    Stormi Woltz serves as the College of Education and Human Development’s Student Academic Success Coordinator. She is currently socially distant but virtually here for you any day!