I keep thinking about…

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I keep thinking about…

…the student who relies on the computer lab in the JC to be open through the night because they don’t have a computer at home.

…the international student still living in the residence hall feeling alone and not sure if they can go back to their home country and then be allowed to return to the States when ready to continue their educational journey.

…the more seasoned student who isn’t as tech savvy and having to unexpectedly shift to remote learning for the very first time.

…the student who has a child who can no longer go to school or daycare and not quite sure how to balance parenting and being a student right now.

…the first generation college student who was excited to bask in celebration with their family at graduation.

…the student living in a small town that folks can hardly point out on a map who doesn’t have access to the internet.

…the work study student who is now strapped for hours and cash but still needs to cover their living expenses.

…the student who has had physical and mental health challenges well before coronavirus became an additional threat to their wellbeing. 

…the student who considers campus the only home and community that they have. 

I keep thinking about you, and I carry your stories and circumstances with me daily as I participate in response efforts to help loosen bottlenecks and break through barriers, seen and unforeseen, that stand in the way of your success here at Mason and beyond. 

Thinking of you,

Dr. Ivory Berry

Assistant Dean for Student Success

College of Education and Human Development

Dr. Ivory Berry