New Graduate Course Offering

A new Advanced Topics Course (EDUC797/POGO750) (crn 82246) will be offered on the Arlington campus this fall (Thursdays @ 4:30) by associate professor Dr. Spiros Protopsaltis, who has extensive experience in senior higher education policy positions in the Obama administration and Congress.  The draft syllabus of Higher Education Policy can be found here

This new course examines current issues, developments and debates in higher education policy at the federal and state level, with a focus on policies and proposals to improve college affordability, equity, quality, and accountability.  Topics include:

·         Value and Inequality

·         Federal and State Funding

·         Costs and Affordability

·         Financial Aid and Student Debt

·         Quality and Accreditation

·         Student Outcomes and Accountability

·         State Policy Trends

In addition to examining the role of advocacy groups, ideology and research in shaping policy agendas, the course explores important connections between K-12 and higher education and discusses their impact. While a historical overview of higher education provides essential context, the course primarily emphasizes recent trends, including federal and state policy deliberations and responses. 

Prior to joining CEHD, Dr. Protopsaltis served as the Deputy Assistant Secretary for Higher Education and Student Financial Aid (2015-2017) and Senior Policy Advisor (2013-2015) for the US Department of Education.  Before joining the Obama Administration, he served as the Senior Higher Education Advisor (2010-2013) to the Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor and Pensions, and as the Senior Policy Advisor to Congressman Jared Polis of Colorado.