Midterm Wellness Tip: Create Balance & Routine


You may have heard the quote “we all have the same 24 hours in the day.” But when assignment deadlines, personal commitments, and other life responsibilities roll around, it’s easy to feel like you don’t know where those hours went! Establishing a routine filled with balance may help you take charge of your 24 hours. Read below for time management strategies that can help you create a routine that balances all the competing areas of your life while also leaving time for YOU! 

Tackle Small Tasks to Start 

When you have several projects and exams to study for, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed. Resist the urge to procrastinate by starting with shorter items. Crossing off a task from your to-do list will give you motivation to get started on those larger projects! 

Give Yourself Breaks 

It may seem counterintuitive to stop working when you have so much to do. But taking breaks can actually help increase your productivity when you are trying to get work done. One way to make the most of your work time is to schedule breaks using The Pomodoro Technique, which involves setting up a timer to have short bursts of uninterrupted working time followed by a scheduled break. However you choose to do it, make sure you are giving yourself time to breathe while knocking out that to-do list! 

Schedule Time to Do Something You Love 

When creating your routine, make sure you leave time for the things you love. While your main goal right now is probably to earn that degree, it is worth noting that you are a dynamic person – your identity as a college student isn’t your whole personality. It is vital for your wellness to focus on what lights you up – and that may require scheduling time in your busy day to do so. So, if you know you get a boost of energy after spending time with friends, don’t feel guilty for scheduling a hang out!  

Interested in learning more time management techniques? View this blog post by Purdue.  

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