Marika Korpinen

Each year, faculty in the College of Education and Human Development (CEHD) come together to select an outstanding student in their program to receive the honor of being named as their program award winner. Students selected for this award embody the very best of their program: they excel in their studies; they demonstrate leadership in classes and internships; and they have a genuine and tenacious passion for their discipline.

Marika Korpinen
The College of Education and Human Development faculty have chosen

Marika Korpinen

as a recipient of the

2021 John R. Linn Memorial Award for Outstanding Student Athlete

Q & A with John R. Linn Memorial Award for Outstanding Student Athlete recipient, Marika Korpinen:

What part of your Mason experience are you most proud of?

I am most proud of getting to begin research in the Patriot Performance Laboratory while representing the University on the women’s basketball team for the past four years.

What are your future plans, goals, and dreams?

I am planning on getting my Master’s degree in Kinesiology here at Mason. My goal is to first play basketball professionally in Europe and then continuing my career with research in exercise science.

What advice do you have for fellow CEHD students?

Seek different opportunities in CEHD and try to get involved the best you can!

Would you like to give any shout-outs to those who supported you along the way?

I’d like to thank Coach Dunn for always supporting and believing in me and Dr. Jones for pushing me to learn more every day.

Congratulations and best of luck, Marika!