Dripping in Finesse: Graduation Edition

‘Tis the season and reality has set in for many of you that it is almost time to rock that cap and gown, have your name called, and cross the stage as your family and friends cheer you on. The finish line is so close, but there are several important deadlines and policies you need to know to make sure you can finesse through the graduation process smoothly. Here are some questions we want you to think about and the actions you should be taking to make sure you aren’t missing out.

1)      Can I participate in the spring graduation Ceremonies?

If you are a Bachelors, Masters, or Doctoral student who is completing their degree requirements in spring 2018 or a bachelors and masters student who is completing their degree requirements in summer 2018 then the answer is YES! Not sure if you meet the requirements to graduate in spring or summer? Make sure to speak with your academic advisor to verify you have successfully completed all of your program requirements.

2)      Do I just show up for graduation or is there something I am supposed to do beforehand?

No matter whether you chose to attend a graduation ceremony or not, you must apply to graduate through Patriot web. If you plan on graduating during the spring or summer of this year and wish to attend a ceremony, you must complete your online graduation application by February 22, 2018. This deadline is extremely important for summer graduates, because though your application window is open until June, you have to apply to graduate by February 22 to ensure your name is placed in the program booklets for the graduation ceremonies. If you don’t care about your name being in the graduation programs, you have until June to submit your graduation application through Patriot Web.

3)      What event should I attend?

Once you submit your graduation application through Patriot Web, you can move on to the different ceremonies.

First is University Commencement. No registration is required to attend University commencement and all graduates are welcome to attend regardless of major or semester of completion. Only doctoral graduates get individually recognized by having their name called, and crossing the stage where they are hooded by their faculty advisor. Want your name called…..?!

Register to attend your college-specific Degree Celebration. If you are a School of Education (GSE) Graduate, or a School of Recreation, Health, and Tourism (RHT) graduate you must register to attend your respective Degree Celebration, by March 23, 2018. These celebrations are where bachelors, masters, and doctoral students all get individually recognized.

For information about the date, time, and location of these three ceremonies visit CEHD Graduation.

4)      Where can I go if I have more questions?

More information can be found at CEHD Graduation and in the video above. Also, check your Masonlive email regularly as updates will be periodically sent out for example, if there is a problem with your degree compliance, you will be notified via Masonlive email.