Your Weekend Self-Care Checklist

It’s here, CEHD students – the weekend before finals. Most of you probably have plans to hunker down and study material, write final papers, and memorize everything you possibly can for that timed virtual exam. And to you I say, “Bravo!” You’re almost to the finish line; this final effort will be worth it.  

As you settle into your productive weekend, keep in mind that a weekend dedicated to preparing for final exams does not mean nixing all self-care practices in the name of cramming. In fact, it should mean the opposite. Practicing self-care throughout your weekend, before, during, and after studying, will help you to keep anxious and stressful thoughts at bay, ultimately giving you more headspace to dedicate to studying. 

Do you want to make the most of the last weekend before finals? Commit yourself daily to your studies and to this checklist (click to expand): 

Self Care checklist