Welcome to the Student Success Blog!

Welcome to the Student Success Blog!  The CEHD Office of Student and Academic Affairs believes that students who are engaged are successful students. That’s why we offer so many ways for you to get connected, get involved, and stay informed.  Of course, you’re already hearing from us via your MasonLive email account, and we hope you remember to check it every day for official communications from CEHD and university administration.  This year we’ve added a Twitter and Instagram presence to compliment the college’s existing Facebook connection.  We also publish The 2300, a weekly digest in two versions, tailored for our undergraduate and graduate communities.  This month, we launch a revamped version of our quarterly newsletter, ENGAGE, highlighting all that you, our current students, have achieved in partnership with CEHD faculty and staff.

With so many existing ways to connect with students, you may ask, “Why a blog, too?”.  Let’s think of it as a home base.  If it’s news, new policy, or just celebration, you’ll see it here.  If we can’t say it in 140 characters, or a single photo, or even a Facebook post, we’ll link it back to here.  If you missed a newsletter or a digest in your inbox, you can find it here.  Hopefully, you’ll stop by this page often.  We know every student has their own favorite way to stay connected, and we hope you’ll pick your favorites and follow us on them.  And no matter what else you do, READ THAT MASON EMAIL EVERY DAY!