Volunteers Needed for the Fairfax County Veterans Treatment Docket

Do you have a few hours each month to help other veterans needing support?  Want to join some other Mason veterans seeking an opportunity to give back?

If so, you may be interested in supporting the Fairfax County Veterans Treatment Docket.

In 2015, Fairfax County established a Specialty Court to offer veterans who got involved with the criminal justice system a second chance at a productive life.  Instead of incarceration, veterans are offered a comprehensive program involving VA-funded medical and psychological treatment that attempts to restore the sense of duty and honor they once held when they served, and give them the tools and confidence to succeed. 

You can play an essential role in this program by serving as a volunteer Mentor and joining federal, state and local criminal justice and medical professionals who work together to support each veteran participant in the “Docket.”  

In 2022, Mason partnered with Fairfax County to identify veteran alums and students that may be interested in becoming Mentors.  Today, five alumni are actively participating in the program along with 19 other veterans from our area who served in Vietnam, Iraq, and Afghanistan or remain on active duty.  Fairfax County is committed to expanding the number of veterans who can participate in the Docket. Therefore, there is a corresponding need to increase the number of Mentors willing to join the team.

Fairfax Veterans Treatment Docket Missions Statement

Learn More and Apply

Learn more about and apply to serve on the Veterans Treatment Docket by visiting their website.