2023 CEHD SRS Presenter Information

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Top 3 reasons why YOU should present at the CEHD Student Research Symposium (SRS):

  1. SRS is a safe, supportive space. First-time and experienced presenters at any stage of research are welcome! SRS participants will receive guidance and support to help prepare their presentation and will gain valuable feedback on their research and delivery.
  1. SRS gives you a leg up in your academic and professional journey. Participating in SRS provides networking opportunities with faculty and peers within your field and from around the college and the university. It also looks great on a resume.
  1. SRS fosters personal development. Working closely with your research will help you define and articulate your professional purpose and expand your knowledge on a subject that’s important to you. Preparing for and presenting at SRS helps to build essential skills including public speaking, persuasiveness, and confidence – all valuable in future conference presentations and in your career!

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