Program Award Winner: Ryan Mingachos

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Each year, faculty in the College of Education and Human Development (CEHD) come together to select an outstanding student in their program to receive the honor of being named as their program award winner. Students selected for this award embody the very best of their program: they excel in their studies; they demonstrate leadership in classes and internships; and they have a genuine and tenacious passion for their discipline.

This year, faculty in the School of Sport, Recreation, and Tourism Management have selected Ryan Mingachos for two honors. He is the recipient of both the John R. Linn Memorial Award for Oustanding Student Athlete and the Charley Casserly Award for Outstanding Student in Sport Management. Congratulations, Ryan!


Q & A with Outstanding Student in Sport Management and Outstanding Student Athlete, Ryan Mingachos:

What academic accomplishment are most proud of?  

I am most proud of receiving the Provost Athletic Scholar Award on two separate occasions.  

What organizations/affiliations have you been involved with while at Mason?   

I was a part of the George Mason Men’s Soccer team and the Student-Athlete Advisory Council (SAAC).  

What are your plans after graduation?  

My plan after graduation is to play soccer professionally then continue as a soccer coach at the collegiate or professional level.  

What is your favorite memory in CEHD or your favorite part of being a CEHD student? 

My favorite part of being a CEHD student was working and getting to know all the amazing professors that work in the college.  

What advice do you have for fellow CEHD students (especially those that are not graduating yet)?   

One piece of advice that I would give for fellow CEHD students is to try and grow a relationship with each of your professors because they will help you and answer any questions you have. I have never had a professor in the College of Education and Human Development program that I didn’t like or refused to give me guidance or help.