New Vision. Expanded Team. Still Making an Impact.

ERC E Board

Today on the blog, we’re sharing a message from registered student organization Educators Rising Collegiate. Educators Rising Collegiate (ERC) is a student organization for undergraduate students dedicated to the issues that educators are facing today. Educators Rising Collegiate aims to connect students to individuals throughout Mason, local school educators, and members associated with PDK International.

Eligibility Requirements: Members must be an undergraduate student, maintaining a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or higher. You can learn more and join ERC on Mason 360.

Hello everyone,

Wow, I cannot believe we’re already in the month of July! Time sure is flying by! I’m hoping you all are doing well and making the best of these very challenging times. I’m simply writing to share a few updates and a cool opportunity.

The E-Board for our chapter is in the works of meeting and planning for a very productive year. I won’t share all that we have in store right now, but just know that an exciting year is ahead of us. This is year two of our RSO’s existence and we most definitely have some BIG things in the works! What’s to come is going to involve everyone and will allow everyone to benefit a lot as future educators. 

Opportunity #1: One’s education goes beyond the typical school hours. I encourage everyone to engage in an initiative that I’m aiming for us to continue this fall—supporting our after-school programs. I have attached a link that allows you to send a letter to Congress urging for more funds and measures to be in place to help support our youth and after-school organizations. There’s a pre-filled message (you can customize it) that you can send to your state senator. This takes less than 5 minutes! It’s super quick and easy! Click here to do it! More information can be found on the Afterschool Alliance’s website. Also, if you do happen to send an email, send a reply to inform us that you submitted a letter OR comment on our Instagram page (this is optional). 

In a time where racial inequalities are unquestionably evident, we cannot ignore that change is needed. Our E-Board is brainstorming ways to have an effective role, in whatever fashion that may be. We’ve got a new vision, an expanded team, and the same commitment to making an impact. We are planning and preparing for a successful year. If you have input or questions, contact us via this email or our Instagram page. 

I cannot wait for this year! Get ready, get excited!

Cedric Price

Chapter President, ERC