Spring Graduation Application Now Open!

Planning to graduate in spring 2018?  Make sure you fill out your graduation application!

Many students think they have graduated because they have finished all their required coursework, but Mason does not automatically grant your degree or certificate.  All grads must apply to graduate.  Everyone.  Even if you’re not planning on attending Commencement or your Degree Celebration.  Failing to apply could result in future employers being unable to verify your degree, delays in licensure or grad school admission, your name being left out of the Commencement program, and a big headache for you (and, we’ll admit, a smaller one for us)! 

The spring graduation online application opened November 1 and will close on February 22, 2018.  You can view the steps to graduation, including the grad app here, and read more about University Commencement and CEHD Degree Celebrations here.