Be Engaged – Get your Popcorn and Mulled Cider Heeere! 

The CEHD Student Success Team is all about…well, you guessed it – student success. Each team member supports that success a little differently. Some provide study tips or help you navigate conflict with peers. Others knock down barriers on your behalf, making sure that nothing gets in the way of you completing your coursework. And I, proudly, pop popcorn and mull cider at least once a semester. It’s called balance. 

If you’ve been in CEHD long enough, you know I’m not joking about the popcorn and cider. The Student Success Team adores sending students to class with a smile and a salty snack. Believe it or not, we don’t do that just to satisfy hunger. The purpose behind the popcorn is actually much deeper – it’s about enrichment

Dr. Ivory Berry and Brianna Alford making popcorn
We love popcorn – almost as much as we love students!

What is enrichment?

Enrichment extends a student’s education beyond the classroom. It encompasses a variety of engagement opportunities that focus on developing the whole student. Examples include: participating in activities and organizations; reflecting on health and wellbeing; engaging in writing and research; sharing knowledge in new communities and cultures; establishing leadership skills and abilities; proactively preparing for the future; developing relationships with peers and mentors; and much, much more. If you’re involved at Mason in a way that helps you grow personally, academically, and professionally – and it’s not just during class – you’re most likely engaging in enrichment. 

Why does it matter? 

Enrichment is the free throw after a two-pointer. It’s the “and some” that seems optional and maybe even inconsequential but could ultimately cost you or save you the game. Enrichment helps students gain self- and cultural awareness; build a support network; increase and apply knowledge, skills, and abilities; and develop a sense of belonging in the college and community. Students who are plugged in and connected know when and with whom to celebrate, as well as when and where to reach out for support. This ultimately aids in persistence to graduation. 

How to enrich your experience: 

  • We (the CEHD Student Success Team) host activities and events. Attend them.  

Remember the popcorn I mentioned earlier? It’ll be available during our Suite 2200 Open House on Monday, August 30. We guarantee it’ll be delicious, but more importantly, it will encourage people to linger near the suite, which gives students like you a chance to connect with faculty, staff, and fellow students. Social enrichment at its best. Learn more here.

  • We oversee CEHD Clubs and Organizations. Join one.  

There are over 400 student organizations at Mason, and our office oversees close to 10 in CEHD alone. Chances are at least one of those organizations will align with your academic or personal interests. Join one and build up your support network. Check out the CEHD student organizations here. Discover other student organizations at Mason’s Get Connected fair happening in-person on 9/1 and virtually on 9/2. Learn more here

  • We provide opportunities to strengthen and develop your skills. Participate in them. 

Throughout the year our office offers numerous opportunities to further your skills in reading, writing, research, time management, etc. These opportunities come in the form of events (Writer’s Retreats and research symposiums), guides (like this Time Management Toolkit), and campus partnerships (like encouraging students to attend Learning Service’s upcoming workshop on How to Focus Better). Take advantage of them now – it pays to be proactive! 

Enrichment opportunities extend well beyond the suggestions listed above, but for the sake of your time, we’ll pause there for now. Enjoy the fall ‘21 semester, CEHD students, and don’t forget to Be Engaged!  

Brianna Alfors, CEHD Student Enrichment Coordinator

Brianna Alford is the Student Enrichment Coordinator for the College of Education and Human Development. When she’s not devising opportunities for CEHD students to Be Engaged, she enjoys cooking, crafting, and advocating for a proper RSVP.