The Playlist for Success

As I sit in the spare bedroom of my townhome, the sound of AC/DC fills my house.

Am I listening to AC/DC while trying to work from home?


Is rock and roll noise pollution? 

It is when you cannot control your neighbor’s playlist volume! 

The thought, “Can you at least wait until 5:00 pm!” runs through my mind. 

How can I manage to get through my to-do list when I cannot tune out of the Best of the 80’s?!

Personally, I need something to help me get back to work and quickly!  Here are some tips I like to use. Try them to keep your distractions at bay:

Grab the headphones 

Classical music is a great way to mask other noises while continuing to be productive, or to give your workspace a lively feeling.  Check out this CEHD Concentration Station playlist!

25 minutes on, 5 minutes off

Like our bodies, our brains need breaks to function best!  Check out this Pomodoro Playlist that is designed for 25 minutes of music that promotes focus followed by five minutes of fun for a break!  

Throw the phone away

After you have your playlist going toss your phone to the other side of the room!  When one thing disrupts us, we are likely to allow that to take us down a rabbit hole of distractions.

Celebrate what you have accomplished

When you have that Friday feeling celebrate another week well-done with CEHD’s Mood Booster playlist!     

Remember to have some grace with yourself and others during this time.  You are not just studying at home, you are at home trying to study during a health crisis.  Try to set yourself up to block out those sometimes-unavoidable distractions.  When it seems like too much, reach out to the Student and Academic Affairs Office.  We can help you find the right tracks to keep you on beat!

All playlists created on Spotify by the CEHD Student Enrichment Coordinator, Brianna Alford, and our star intern Brooke. For some reason, no AC/DC was included.

Spotify is a free service in no way affiliated with or endorsed by George Mason University or CEHD.