Welcome to Spring ’21

Congratulations on joining the best student population there is for a brand new semester!

If you haven’t already, you’ll quickly notice that fellow CEHD students are active everywhere you go – in the classroom teaching, on the field training, in the park managing, at the conference presenting, etc. Students in this college are involved and exceptional; they transform every community they’re in.

The CEHD Student Success Team is here to support them while they do that. This team consists of a group of professionals who work together to make students’ journeys in CEHD as smooth and fruitful as possible. We fix problems, streamline processes, host events, offer career advice, and coach students through academic success – from orientation to graduation.

The team has been training over the past few weeks to make sure we were fully prepared to give students like you a warm, virtual CEHD greeting this semester. View the video below to get a glimpse of our regimen. Then, check out the list of upcoming Welcome2Mason events and sign up to pick up a CEHD Welcome Kit.


Interested in learning more about new and returning student resources across Mason? View your respective student guidebook below.