Presenters: Wai Ling Fong & Xiaorong Zhang

  • Wai Ling Fong

    Wai Ling Fong

    Xiaorong Zhang

    Xiaorong Zhang

    PhD in Education

    Wai Ling Fong and Xiaorong Zhang are international doctoral students in the PhD in Education program. Originally from Malaysia, Wai Ling Fong’s primary concentration is higher education; her secondary is interdisciplinary. Her current research interests are focused on digital literacy and technology use in higher education. She has a master’s degree in international studies from Ohio University and a certificate in Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies. Xiaorong Zhang is from China. Her primary specialization is in educational psychology and her secondary specialization is in research methodology. She has a master’s degree in educational psychology from George Mason University. Her research interest is self-regulated learning and students’ autonomous motivation.


  • Oral Presentation:

    Investigating the Experiences of International Students, Staff, and Faculty in a Language Support Program During COVID-19

    ABSTRACT: This presentation examines international students, staff, and faculty’s online experiences in a language support program during COVID-19. The data sources included interviews with students, staff, faculty, newsletters, and zoom meeting observations. An opening coding and thematic analysis approach were utilized to analyze the data. Results showed that students experienced increased workload and unanticipated difficulties, lack of social connection, and feelings of loneliness during their virtual learning. Researchers found students’ challenges when adapting to a new model of learning were: Low language proficiency; Bad internet connection; Instructors’ unfamiliarity with online teaching; Difficulty in collaborating with peers; Missed opportunities of accessing resources.