Presenter: Samantha Hacherl

  • Samantha Hacherl

    Samantha Hacherl

    PhD in Education

    Faculty Mentor: Dr. Shane Caswell

    Samantha Hacherl is a full-time student pursuing a PhD in Education with a concentration in Kinesiology. Her current research interests are focused on pediatric populations – specifically pediatric epidemiology and mild traumatic brain injuries among pediatric athletes. Samantha has worked with concussed pediatric athletes as the head athletic trainer for a local middle school as part of the Advancing Healthcare Initiatives for Underserved Students (ACHIEVES) Project.

  • Poster Presentation:

    Concussion Rates in U.S. Middle School Athletes

    ABSTRACT: Purpose: To investigate the epidemiology of concussions among middle school(MS) athletes. Methods: Athletic trainers recorded injury and athlete exposure (AE) data from public middle schools in Virginia. Concussion rates per 1000 AEs with 95% confidence intervals (CIs) were calculated for 12 school-sponsored sports Results: A total of 233 concussions were reported during 390,562 AEs attributed to school-sponsored sport participation (0.60/1,000 AE,95% CI=0.56-0.64). Overall concussion rate was higher in competition than practice. Among sex-comparable sports, concussion rates for girls were more than twice than boys. Conclusion: Football had the highest overall concussion rate among MS sports, consistent with prior literature. Our findings suggest that MS sports have an overall higher rate of concussion than reported in high school and collegiate settings.


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