Presenter: Kaleb Cole

  • Kaleb Cole

    Kaleb Cole

    Sport and Recreation Studies, MS

    Faculty Mentor: Dr. Chris Green

    Kaleb Cole earned his bachelor’s degree in Health, Fitness, and Recreation Resources from George Mason and is currently pursuing a master’s degree in Sport and Recreation Studies. His interests include Marketing Segmentation and Branding. Kaleb ultimately hopes to obtain a career position in a park setting as a Park Specialist or Recreation Specialist.

  • Oral Presentation:

    Potential Market Segments for Participation in Axe Throwing at Splitting Edge

    ABSTRACT: On the Batl Grounds website, the owners explain that “It’s been almost 13 years since the Backyard Axe Throwing League brought urban axe throwing to the masses, using the axe as a tool to bring people together.” Splitting Edge is a new axe-throwing business in the process of developing and implementing its first marketing plan. Axe throwing is expected to share similarities with other outdoor recreation activities, but little is known about its participants, their needs, and interests. Splitting Edge, as a new business, seeks to identify core elements of one or more potential target markets. Therefore, the purpose of this descriptive survey study was to understand what market segments associate best with Splitting Edge axe throwing to create an effective marketing plan to enhance its customer base.