Presenter: Jiemin Yang

  • Jiemin Yang

    Jiemin Yang

    Tourism and Events Management, BS

    Jiemin Yang is a full-time student pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Tourism and Event Management. Her current research interests focus on marketing in the area of social networking on the Internet – specifically, how social networking can be used to promote the marketing of individual companies and the prosperity of the industry as a whole. After earning a bachelor’s degree, Jiemin plans to pursue a master’s degree in finance and eventually become an analyst in the travel industry.

  • Poster Presentation:

    Destination Marketing under the Internet Social Network

    ABSTRACT: In the era of social networks, the development of enterprises pays more attention to marketing innovation. The traditional marketing model no longer exists, replaced by the marketing model in line with the development of the network era. Enterprises in the play of their own product advantages at the same time, but also to carry out effective marketing planning, make full use of the Internet technology to bring advantages to marketing. Therefore, in the era of social networks, the innovation of marketing model is the inevitable trend under the fierce market competition, and also the inevitable trend of the development of The Times.