Presenter: Erinn Sanders

  • Erinn Sanders

    Erinn Sanders

    Tourism and Events Management, BS

    Faculty Mentor: Dr. Maggie Daniels

    Erinn Sanders is a full-time student pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Tourism and Events Management. Her current research interests are focused on improving visitor experience—specifically, how data can be leveraged to analyze visitor use and traffic. After earning her bachelor’s degree, Erinn plans to pursue a career in events management, focusing on sustainability and conservation.

  • Oral Presentation:

    Improving Park Visitation Experiences: Sensor Data Validation at Long Branch Local Park

    ABSTRACT: Optimizing park visitor experiences has gained recent attention, aided by the development of sensor tools that can better track user traffic and engagement. The purpose of this study is to validate sensor data at Long Branch Local Park, located in Montgomery County, to aid in better understanding visitation patterns as a means of maximizing visitor engagement within the entire park system. Sensor data was validated through onsite hand counts, and the sensors were found to be an inaccurate method of tracking visitor counts. Sensor relocation and algorithm development will allow for more accurate visitor counts. Park impacts due to COVID-19 are also discussed.