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  • Beth Hosek

    Beth Hosek

    Educational Psychology, MS

    Faculty Mentors: Dr. Stephanie Dailey, Dr. Anastasia Kitsantas

    Beth Hosek is an educational psychology master’s student at George Mason University in the College of Education and Human Development with a concentration in learning, cognition, and motivation. Her research interests include motivational constructs, in particular self-efficacy, self-regulated learning, and achievement goal orientations. She aims to complete her master’s degree during Summer 2021 and hopes to enter George Mason University’s PhD in Education program with a concentration in educational psychology in Fall 2021.

  • Poster Presentation:

    Exploring Collaborative Learning in the Middle Years Programme from the International Baccalaureate Organization through Network and Content Analysis

    ABSTRACT: Collaborative learning is important for student success in science classrooms. This study used content and network analysis to assess how collaborative learning skills in Middle Years Programme (MYP) science classrooms are supported. Nine curricula documents were selected for content analysis and were examined for phrases related to a priori or emergent codes. Categories establishing trends within each code were named; similar categories across codes were merged into themes. Nine themes were found, related to student behavior and cognition, educator behavior and classroom environment, and learning goals. Network analysis was used to graphically explore the social structures interconnecting codes. This information can be used to examine what is implemented in classrooms as well as explore the impact on student achievement.


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