Mason Kinesiology Club Elections

A message from Mason Kinesiology Club:

Mason Kinesiology Club is about to elect officers for the upcoming school year!  The majority of the executive board is graduating in May, so we need our members to step up and run for a leadership position.  If you are looking to really expand on your college experience, this is a great way to do it.  We need students with ideas and initiative to lead the club next year, and newly joining members are also encouraged to consider taking a leadership role!

Join us for our next meeting: Thursday, April 12, 5:30 – 7:30 pm, Thompson Hall, 2008

Nominations are now open, and elections will be held on Get Connected  after the meeting on Thursday, April 12 – Saturday, April 14. We will meet to hear from our candidates at the meeting, so they will have the opportunity to discuss with members.  Those interested in running for a position do not have to be present at the meeting, as we will just present your nomination statement, but it is strongly advised that you attend!  If you have been looking for an opportunity to get active in the club, NOW IS THE TIME TO DO SO. You are the future of this club, so please make an effort to be involved in the election process. 

Positions and descriptions: 

President – This student will work closely with other officers to brainstorm ideas for club events and how to provide professional growth opportunities, as well as fun social events. The president will delegate tasks and will act as the RSO liaison. The student pursuing the role of president should have excellent rapport with both faculty and their classmates.

Vice President – This student will work closely with the president to organize club events and communicate with other officers and members. The vice president will have the same responsibilities as the president, but should ultimately report to the president.

Secretary – This student will be responsible for keeping track of meeting notes, attendance, and communicating with the entire club. The secretary will keep the club up to date on upcoming events and speakers. In the upcoming year, the secretary will also be responsible for managing the club’s Get Connected page, Facebook page, and other social media sites we wish to pursue. 

Treasurer – This student will be responsible for working with the other officers to determine the club’s budget for the school year. The treasurer must be responsible and organized, as they will draw up funding applications and must meet certain deadlines in order to get the funding the club needs to put on fun events. This student will also work closely with RSO and the student involvement office. 

Events Coordinator – This student will be responsible for planning social events and working on the logistics of these events. The events coordinator will also plan service events, such as coordinating our KEEN volunteer events, finding volunteer opportunities for members, and keeping MKC relevant in the GMU and Fairfax community. This student will also be responsible for contacting professionals in different Kinesiology-, health-, and fitness-related fields to come speak to the club monthly. 

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