CRIN Science Fair Judges Needed!

Attention Curriculum and Instruction students! CEHD has been asked to share the following message with you:  

Happy New Year from the Madison High School Science department. We’re already well down the path in planning for the 2020 science fair, to be held on Wednesday, February 5th (snow day: Wednesday, Feb 12th).  We know that CEHD graduate students would make great judges. Here are the important details:

Date: Wednesday, Feb 5th

Time: Approximately 2:00 – 5:00 PM  (arriving late or departing early can be accommodated)

Where: JMHS cafeteria (new location!)

Format: Work as a team within a judging category to assess projects

Goal: Determine which of the projects should be recommended to move forward to the FCPS regional fair.

          Provide feedback to all students on their project strengths and weaknesses

Qualifications: You DO NOT need to be an expert in a judging field. Certainly, that helps, but a logical person can evaluate most projects, at a minimum in terms of their purpose, process, and results. As Einstein said, if you can’t explain a concept simply, then you don’t understand it well enough.  Our students should be able to explain their experiments in straight-forward language.

What’s new: We’re suggesting that judges arrive between 2:00-3:00 PM.  Judges can grab a snack and review abstracts ahead of interviewing the students. Judging should begin at 3:45 PM. Feedback from you all suggests that this will lead to a more efficient judging process.  We believe that judging will end by 5:00 PM, awards discussion to end by 6:00 PM at the latest…

Please indicate your interest in participating in the science fair by clicking on this link, a Google Form which will ask you for more details.  We will contact you shortly with more info.

Your participation is vital.  We simply cannot conduct the science fair without your help.

Thank you for your interest in JMHS science.  Wishing you all a wonderful 2020.

RK Gongaware and Scott Hazen (for Jyo Vallampati, Science Fair Coordinator and the entire JMHS science faculty)